# Plethora 1.19.3

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Plethora-Fabric is a port of Plethora (opens new window) for Fabric (opens new window) 1.19+ and CC: Tweaked (opens new window). Most features have been ported over 1:1. There are a few minor API changes (mainly to ensure consistency with modern CC: Tweaked).

# Features ported

  • Block scanner
  • Entity sensor
  • Frickin' laser beam
  • Introspection modules
  • Kinetic augment
  • Manipulator
  • Neural interface
  • Overlay glasses
  • Redstone integrator
  • Keyboard module

# Not yet implemented

  • Neural interfaces on mobs
  • Computers in minecarts
  • Documentation exporter

# TODO meta providers:

  • Tool harvest level
  • Daylight Detector
  • Sculk Sensor
  • Mob Spawner
  • Spawn egg

# Gameplay changes

  • Block scanner and Entity sensor upgrades now require Netherite as well as Nether Stars to craft
  • Block scanners, when held in your hand, now show accurate colors for ore blocks
    • All the new ore types (copper, deepslate ore, nether ores, etc.) are supported
    • Entity colors are still "random" but can be changed in the config file
  • Keyboards can no longer be 'bound' to computers. Instead, computers can be right-clicked from up to 32 blocks away (shift-right-click if they are within the normal reach range) to open the keyboard GUI. They still work the same as a neural interface module, forwarding all key events while in-game.
  • The following vanilla modules have been removed:
    • Note Blocks - use CC: Tweaked's Speakers instead
    • Clock - use os.clock() and os.day() instead
    • Daylight Detector

# API changes


This list may be incomplete. If you notice any changes that are not listed here, please let us know! If you have a specific request, please submit it to the issue tracker (opens new window), or submit a pull request.

# Inventory methods

Inventory methods have been renamed to be more consistent with CC: Tweaked:

  • getItemMeta -> getItemDetail
  • size -> getSize
  • getItemLimit has been added
  • drop, suck are NYI
  • turtle.getItemDetail() and CC inventory.getItemDetail() methods now return rich item metadata provided by Plethora
  • turtle.getInventory() introspection method has been removed in favor of the native inventory methods
  • The hardcoded inventory and ender_chest transfer locations are not available (see CC-Tweaked#731 (opens new window)). Instead, use a bound introspection module to push and pull from getInventory(), getEquipment() and getEnder().
  • getItem() and getItem().setActive() have been removed

For the player inventory only (getInventory() with an introspection module):

  • getInventory().getItem(slot).consume() has been changed to getInventory().consume(slot)
  • getInventory().getItem(slot).drop([limit, [direction]]) has been changed to getInventory().drop(slot, [limit, [direction]])

# Meta changes

  • Player meta fields NYI: isFlying, allowFlying, walkSpeed, flySpeed
  • Block meta fields NYI: harvestLevel, harvestTool, metadata
  • Enchantment names are slightly different (e.g. enchantment.oxygen -> minecraft:respiration)

# Overlay glasses

  • canvas3d().addLine is NYI
  • canvas2d().addItem's damage argument has been removed
  • canvas3d().addItem's damage argument has been removed
  • 3D items cannot currently have their depth test toggled - they are always depth tested by default. But, you can put the items in a frame (canvas3d().addFrame()) and then toggle the depth test on the frame.