# Chunkloaders

The chunkloading solution for SwitchCraft 3 is a custom Krist-based server-side chunkloader mod. View your chunkloader information in-game by running /chunkloader.

# Quick reference

  • /chunkloader - View your chunkloader information
  • /chunkloader list - List all your loaded chunks
  • /chunkloader unlock - Pay to increase your chunkloading limit
  • /chunkloader load - Load the chunk you are standing in
  • /chunkloader load offline - Offline-load the chunk you are standing in
  • /chunkloader unload - Unload the chunk you are standing in

# Overview

There are two types of chunks:

  • Loaded chunks: These chunks are only loaded when you are online.
  • Offline chunks: These chunks are always loaded, even when you are offline, for up to 30 days since your last login.

You can have a maximum of 9 loaded chunks, and a maximum of 2 offline chunks. Chunks can be 'loaded' and 'unloaded' (allocated and unallocated) at-will at no cost by running /chunkloader load and /chunkloader unload.

By default, your chunkloading limit will be 0 loaded chunks and 0 offline chunks. You can increase your chunkloading limit with a one-time payment by running /chunkloader unlock. Every 4 loaded chunks you unlock will grant you 1 offline chunk.

If you are offline for more than 30 days, your offline chunks will no longer be loaded. When you next log in, they will automatically become loaded again.

# Prices

The one-time prices for unlocking more loaded chunks are as follows:

New loaded limit New offline limit Cost
1 100
2 150
3 200
4 1 250
5 300
6 350
7 400
8 2 450
9 500
Total 2,700

All payments are one-time only. You will not be charged for having chunks loaded - you only pay to increase your limit.

# Public services and free chunkloading

If you operate a public service on SwitchCraft, you may be eligible for free chunkloading. Free chunkloading is guaranteed offline chunk loading with no 30-day limit, and does not count towards your loaded chunk limits. Please contact a member of the staff team to discuss your eligibility.

A chunk containing parts of your base that are not part of your public service will not be eligible for free chunkloading.