# What's New in SwitchCraft 3

SwitchCraft 3 has been rebuilt from the ground up for Minecraft 1.20.1 with the Fabric mod loader. Every custom mod and plugin has been rewritten, and most other plugins have also been rewritten from scratch, to reduce the dependency on third party code. This gives us much better control over the game and allows us to make changes and bugfixes much more quickly.

Here is a high level overview of what to expect in SwitchCraft 3:

# Modpack

# Server

  • ClaimKit - Claim protection mod written from scratch by kotahu (opens new window)
  • KristPay - Krist wallet mod written from scratch by anemonemma (opens new window)
    • In-game Balance overlay
    • /pay autocompletion when looking at ComputerCraft Monitors, signs, and chat history containing names and metanames (e.g. example.kst and [email protected])
    • Names and metanames can now be clicked in chat to suggest the command /pay example.kst
    • (Experimental) Krist URIs (opens new window) are now supported in chat and show rich KristWeb or /pay suggestions. Payment URIs may be supported in the future.
    • Opt out of welfare (daily login bonus, faucet rewards) with /welfare opt out and /welfare return
    • Plugin-initiated payment requests
  • SCPaste (opens new window) - Paste service written from scratch by anemonemma (opens new window)
    • Fully featured single-file code hosting solution designed specifically for ComputerCraft and SwitchCraft
    • pastebin get and pastebin run will work with both SCPaste and Pastebin URLs and IDs
    • Replaces pastebin put - all pastes uploaded on SwitchCraft will go to SCPaste instead of Pastebin
    • Log in with GitHub or Discord to save, edit and protect your pastes
  • New Supporter tiers Supporter Tier 1 Supporter Tier 2 Supporter Tier 3
    • You can now view your supporter status, including lifetime contribution, by simply running /supporter
    • You can choose which supporter tier to show publicly by running /supporter tier <1-3> or /supporter tier auto
    • You can also now opt out of showing your supporter tag publicly by running /supporter opt out
    • Supporters now have access to the /hat command
  • Staff icons in chat Staff Icon 1 Staff Icon 2
  • Monthly Supporter goal in the tablist
  • Krist-based chunkloaders
    • Pay once to unlock chunkloading limits
    • Keep chunks loaded only when you are online
    • Offline chunks available to be loaded when you are offline for up to 30 days
  • Updated Discord bridge
    • Reimplementation of the Discord bridge from SwitchCraft 2, with support for many new features and quality-of-life improvements
    • In-game improvements include:
      • User and channel mentions highlight in chat and can be clicked
      • @user mention autocompletion in chat
      • Avatars are rendered in chat next to the message. This can be disabled in the SwitchCraft Client Mod settings.
      • Video and file attachment links
      • Icons for image, video and file attachments
      • Discord icon in chat Discord Bridge Icon
    • Improvements on the Discord side include:
      • /list command to list players currently online
      • Pinned messages in #welcome and #server-chat with the player list and count
      • First-join announcements
      • Username change announcements
      • Death icons in the bridge
      • Underscores in usernames are no longer treated as markdown
  • Custom chat packet, with chat reporting disabled
    • /msg now supports markdown
    • /reply (/r for short) will reply to the last person who messaged you and the last person you messaged
    • Player heads are rendered in chat next to the message. This can be disabled in the SwitchCraft Client Mod settings.
    • Messages mentioning you will now be highlighted in chat
      • This can optionally play a sound and send a system notification (both on by default)
      • You can also add additional highlight words in the config
    • Your own chat messages can be coloured differently (off by default)
  • Death icons in chat Death icon - Generic Death icon - Killed by a player Death icon - Burned to death Death icon - Exploded
  • Active time tracking, including per-session and per-day, with in-game overlay in the tablist
    • You can now opt out of the public active time leaderboard by running /activetime opt out
  • Server restart countdowns and notification sound
  • Server startup progress bar in the lobby based on the average server startup time
    • Automatically moving from the lobby to the server is also much more responsive and less spammy
  • Quick Settings buttons in the Options menu for common mod settings
  • Pronouns in the tablist and above player names in-game
    • Automatic integration with PronounDB (opens new window)
    • Manually set your pronouns by running /pronouns
    • More information about pronoun support in the FAQ
    • Supporter tags, staff icons, [AFK], [ALT] and [BOT] tags are also shown above player names in-game
  • Central End Island now resets every week
  • Updated Chatbox API, owner-only chatbox commands (^command or |command)
  • New API endpoints
    • /v3/players - Number of players online and active
    • /v3/tps - Current TPS and milliseconds per tick
    • /v3/activetime - Top 50 most active players
    • /v3/supporter - Current Supporter goal and progress
    • /v3/deaths - Top 50 players by death count
  • /sc2dump - Get an archive of your SwitchCraft 2 computers and homes
  • Signs can be edited by right-clicking with an empty hand

# Client optimization mods included


Sodium (opens new window), a popular rendering optimization mod, and Indium (opens new window), a Fabric API compatibility layer for it, are not included in the modpack by default. See the FAQ page for more information.