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Above all the rules, please use common sense, and be nice to other people.

§1 Do not grief or deface the world:

1.1 Griefing any player's work without their consent, even if it is unclaimed, is not allowed.
1.2 Leave chests, computers and other valuables as you found them, unless you know they're naturally generated.
1.3 Huge quarries, general purging of land/biomes etc. near spawn and other cities is unsightly and not allowed, but it is fine if it is far away from a city.
1.4 Branding the world with anything that could be considered breaking another rule (e.g. abuse towards other players, profanity, swastikas and other hate symbols) is not allowed. Staff may remove these without warning, and will punish the player(s) involved.
1.5 Sending disruptive messages via modem or rednet (e.g. spamming rednet, "spoofing" GPS) is not allowed.

§2 Do not attempt to crash the server or use excessive resources with malicious intent:

2.1 Abusing any bugs, creating large laggy contraptions/farms (including mob farms), and writing bad programs that cause lag are all considered excessive use of server resources.
2.2 Staff might modify your programs to make them less laggy, and/or contact you about them.
2.3 Intentional abuse of server resources is bannable (e.g. trying to DoS other services from the server, or the server itself).
2.4 Don't build massive mob farms, or active mob farms of any kind (aggro farms).
2.5 Ensure XP and items are collected immediately. Do not leave them to accumulate, as this can cause substantial lag.
2.5.1 Staff may place command blocks or computers to remove XP and items that are causing lag.
2.6 Do not artificially inflate computer or peripheral IDs by creating them in excessive numbers.
2.7 Do not store more than 50 MB of data (e.g. with computers or floppy disks) per player, service, company, or building.
2.8 "Cinema" computers (e.g. video computers running Juroku or Sanjuuni) are limited to four 8x6 monitors at 10 FPS. Staff may turn them off at any time to help with server performance.
2.9 Attempting to corrupt the world or "chunk-ban" yourself or another player by creating invalid items, blocks, or network packets, is considered crashing the server and is a bannable offence.
2.9.1 Nesting containers, including shulker boxes, is considered an "invalid item" and is a bannable offence.
2.9.2 Creating items or blocks with excessive NBT data, legitimately or illegitimately, is a bannable offence.
2.10 Arrays and "swarms" of computers or turtles are limited to the following quantities:
2.10.1 Laser turtles/manipulators: maximum of 16 lasers.
2.10.2 Mining/farming turtles: maximum of 32 turtles.
2.10.3 Other turtle arrays: maximum of 64 turtles.
2.10.4 If you have more than four turtles in an array with block scanners, please talk to a member of staff so we can see if it may be a performance concern.
2.11 Large poster grids are limited to a maximum size of 8x8 in the general vicinity of spawn, or otherwise public areas.
2.11.1 Staff reserve the right to remove any poster anywhere for any reason.
2.11.2 The classification of a public area is determined at the discretion of staff.
2.12 Please remember that the staff are only trying to keep the server fair for everybody. We are all sharing the same resources, do not be greedy or selfish with how you play as it is disrespectful to other players and the server.

§3 Do not exploit bugs or cheat in any way. If you find a bug, it must be disclosed responsibly to the staff:

3.1 Exploiting any bug, new or old, is not allowed.
3.2 Exploiting duplication bugs (and bugs of a similar nature), including bugs in vanilla Minecraft, is not allowed. Exploiting duplication bugs intentionally for monetary gain is a permanently bannable offence with little to no chance of appeal.
3.3 X-raying, wallhacking, etc. with texture packs or mods is not allowed. Plethora Block Scanners are allowed.
3.4 Using hacked clients, hack mods, macro mods, macro software or macro hardware of any kind is forbidden.
3.4.1 Using legitimate vanilla mechanics, ComputerCraft or Plethora to automate gameplay is allowed.
3.4.2 No other automated activity is allowed, including Mineflayer bots, macro mods, macro/automation software, macro hardware, and any other tools or methods that may be used to automate Minecraft gameplay. This includes but is not limited to: chat-bots, auto-clickers, auto-fishers, auto-miners, and pathfinders.
3.5 Using the world seed to predict generation is forbidden.
3.6 Any bug found that has any potential to be exploited by other players, e.g. duplication bugs, spam bugs, claim bypass bugs, should be silently and responsibly disclosed to a member of staff and NOT shown/told to ANY other players while they are unpatched. Irresponsible disclosure of exploits may lead to an immediate mute or ban.

If you do find an exploit, you may be eligible for at least 500 bug bounty reward.

§4 Do not spam the chat or advertise:

4.1 Spamming public or private chats with repeated words, repeated messages, pinging users, or any other unwanted behaviour that could be considered disruptive to chatting in-game or in Discord is forbidden.
4.2 Spamming any other platform that could be considered a chat (or used as a chat), e.g. Discord, chatboxes, chatbox commands, regular commands (to annoy staff) is forbidden.
4.3 Inviting players to other servers, sharing server links, etc. unless previously allowed by a member of staff is forbidden.

§5 Do not harass or troll other players, exhibit hate speech, or post explicit content:

5.1 Insulting other players in any way, especially if repeated, is bullying and considered harassment.
5.2 Harassing players extends to both in-chat and in-game.
5.3 Claim bordering is considered harassment/trolling.
5.4 Coercing players into installing potentially malicious or dangerous software that is publicly disclosed as such is considered trolling.
5.5 Minor use of profanity is acceptable, but excessive use of profanity is not.
5.6 Use of hate speech, racial slurs, threats, and any other language that could be considered harmful to a person or a group of people is not allowed. Discussion of such language, when it is clear that it is not being used for the intent of harm, is okay, but should be undertaken with caution.
5.7 Explicit content of any form, including but not limited to: adult themes, erotic imagery, explicit innuendo, self-harm and suicide, gore, shock content, etc. is not allowed.
5.7.1 This is a server for a children's game. A large number of players are under the age of 18. Be considerate of other players in all behavior.
5.7.2 This includes discussion of these topics in in-game chat, on Discord, chatboxes, or in any other public forum.
5.7.3 This includes in private messages to a player who did not consent to discussing them, or who no longer wishes to discuss them.
5.7.4 This includes but is not limited to: depictions of explicit content in builds, signs, computers, monitors, posters, map art, speakers, overlay glasses, printouts, banners, links in chat, etc.
5.7.5 This includes "softcore" adult imagery. Anime art is not automatically considered adult imagery. Where this line is drawn is at the discretion of the staff and cannot be argued.
5.7.6 Discussing any of the above topics with players who are under the age of 18 is completely disallowed, even in private messages, even if they are contributing to the discussion, and even outside SwitchCraft. Any disrespect to the age of consent will result in a ban.
5.7.7 Do not allude to any "not safe for work" topics at all, even if you are not discussing them directly, including in innuendo, suggestive jokes, etc.

§6 Do not steal or scam items or KST from other players:

6.1 Stealing items from a player, even if they have trusted you in their claim, is forbidden.
6.2 Stealing items from a player via an introspection module is forbidden.
6.3 Stealing Krist in any way, from a player, a service/shop, or the server itself, is not allowed.
6.4 Abusing alt accounts to increase your Krist income (via any of our welfare systems) is considered theft.
6.5 Redistributing paid software is considered piracy, and thus theft.
6.6 Scamming in any way is not allowed. This includes unclear deals, or retroactively changing the terms of a deal, or not upholding your end of a transaction.
6.7 Ransomware or similar software used to steal Krist or items from players is not allowed.
6.8 Impersonating any player in any way (e.g. chat recorders, fake chat messages, using someone else's Discord username) is considered scamming.
6.9 It is not required for shops to refund failed or invalid purchases, but it is encouraged.
6.10 Automatically taking items from public sources, such as ender chests, is considered theft.

§7 Do not solicit or beg for items or KST from players who have previously declined, or from inactive players:

7.1 It is fine to ask a single inactive player about their property once.
7.2 If they have declined once, it is not okay to ask again in the immediate future.
7.3 It is not allowed to ask a group of inactive players for anything, especially going through the server list in bulk.
7.4 Excessively begging for items or Krist in-chat is not allowed.

§8 Do not use a chat box to send a public message if a private message would suffice:

8.1 Public chat bots/services of any kind that are not explicitly opt-in are not allowed.
8.2 It is okay to create a chat service if players have to manually opt in to receiving messages from them, or if there is a clear way to trigger them (e.g. sending a \command, and the service responds to that player only).
8.3 Bots in the SwitchCraft Discord are not allowed, even self-bots.

§9 Do not write or install software on computers belonging to other players without their informed consent:

9.1 Installing any software on computers belonging to other players without their consent is forbidden, even if they have trusted you in their claim.
9.2 Encouraging players to install software they don't fully understand the purpose of is forbidden. This means no malware of any kind, or any similar harmful or malicious software.
9.3 Advertising or installing software that could be considered malicious or dangerous without the player's informed consent is forbidden.
9.4 It is absolutely unacceptable to pretend a malicious program is not actually malicious, and it must be made very clear that it is malicious during every interaction.


Attempting to evade a previous punishment may result in extension or escalation of the punishment. A mute may be extended, or could be turned into a temporary ban.

  • Staff interpret the rules. You cannot argue about special cases.
  • "Talking back" to staff or otherwise being rude or disrespectful can result in a mute, escalation to a temporary ban, or the extension of an existing mute or temporary ban.
    • Remember that staff are only trying to make the server a safe, fair and fun place for everybody, and have no reason to tolerate disrespect when they are trying to help you.
  • Evading a chat mute in-game (e.g. with another account, by proxy of another player, via chatboxes, chatbox commands, regular commands) can result in extension of the mute, or escalation to a temporary ban.
  • Evading a Discord mute (e.g. with another account, or by proxy of another player) can result in extension of the mute, or escalation to a temporary ban.
  • Evading a ban, in-game and/or in Discord, by creating/using alt accounts can result in a permanent ban on all associated accounts.
  • Harassing other players or staff regarding the reasoning for a mute or ban, or arguing with the terms of the mute or ban, can result in extension of the mute or ban, even permanently.

Alt accounts

  • Players are allowed up to 2 accounts, that is one main account and one alt account.
  • Players are allowed to AFK (e.g. for farms) with an alt account. You must connect with the IP in this scenario. (Note: This is currently not implemented.)
  • Using alt accounts to evade any punishment is forbidden and can result in a permanent ban on all associated accounts.
  • Using alt accounts to evade inter-player mutes (/ignore) is also not allowed.
  • Alt accounts must donate 100% of their Krist income from the server (starting balance, any of our welfare systems) back to the server (/welfare opt out and then /welfare return). Not doing so is considered theft.
  • Bot accounts are no longer allowed on the server. Automated activity falls under Rule 3.4 and is not allowed.