• User


afk?: boolean

Whether the player is currently AFK.

alt: boolean

Whether the player is an alt account.

bot: boolean

Whether the player is a bot account.

displayName: string

The player's name as it appears in chat. May differ from name.

group: string

The rank of the player. Usually default, moderator, or admin, but the server may send anything.

name: string

The player's Minecraft username.

pronouns: null | string

The pronouns set by the user by running /pronouns. This may be null if the player has not set any preferred pronouns. Where reasonably possible, you should attempt to use the user's preferred pronouns, or avoid using pronouns entirely. If you are unable to do this, you should use the player's name instead.


supporter: number

The current public tier of the player's supporter status. This will be 0 if the player is not a supporter or has opted out of showing their supporter tag, 1 for a Tier 1 supporter, 2 for a Tier 2 supporter, and 3 for a Tier 3 supporter.

type: "ingame"

The type of user. For in-game events, this is always ingame.

uuid: string

The UUID of the player, including hyphens.

world: null | string

The world the player is in, or null if this information is not available. It will be a Minecraft namespaced registry key, for example:

  • minecraft:overworld - The overworld
  • minecraft:the_nether - The Nether
  • minecraft:the_end - The End

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