# Supporters

Players with this Supporter Tier 1 tag appearing next to their name in chat and the tablist are SwitchCraft Supporters. This means that they have donated to help keep the server online. If you would like to donate and receive Supporter status, visit: https://donate.sc3.io (opens new window).

Donations go directly to server upkeep and maintenance costs, helping SwitchCraft stay alive for longer!

By becoming a Supporter, you will receive multiple tags:

You will also receive the following cosmetic perks:

  • The /hat command, which allows you to wear any block in your head slot

Tags will last 30 days for every $5 USD contributed. The minimum donation is $5.00 USD. For example, if you donate $20.00 USD, you will receive Supporter Tier 1 for 120 days. You may purchase supporter multiple times, and it will stack.

Tags are usually applied within 30 minutes of purchase. Contact staff on Discord (opens new window) for support.

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# Supporter Tiers

Supporter Tiers are special badges that are given to players who have cumulatively donated a certain amount of money to the server over time.

  • Supporter Tier 1 $5.00 USD or more donated total
  • Supporter Tier 2 $25.00 USD or more donated total
  • Supporter Tier 3 $75.00 USD or more donated total

If you do not want to share your supporter tier, you can choose which tag to show publicly by running /supporter tier <1-3>. You can revert back to any previous tier for the tag on your username, e.g. if you are a Tier 3 supporter you can show a Tier 1 tag by running /supporter tier 1. You can revert this at any time by running /supporter tier auto. Alternatively, if you don't want to show a tag at all, you may opt out.

# Opt out

You may opt out of publicly showing your Supporter status by running /supporter opt out. This will hide the Supporter tag from your name. You will still need to manually un-link your Discord and Forums accounts if they have been linked. You may opt back in at any time by running /supporter opt in.