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Sodium & Indium

Why doesn't SwitchCraft ship with Sodium and Indium?

Sodium is an experimental mod. The performance benefits are fantastic, but some features are not yet stable, and when combined with other mods, can cause visual glitches that affect gameplay. During testing, we identified several issues with Sodium and Indium that made them unsuitable to distribute out of the box in SwitchCraft.

Additionally, we chose to make the mods opt-in rather than opt-out because Packwiz (our modpack manager) does not yet support disabling mods. We have considered some workarounds but this is the solution we have settled on in the meantime.

Some issues that caught our attention are:

3D prints do not render correctly on some drivers

Three out of six faces for each 3D print do not render correctly under some conditions. This is a known issue with Indium.

ThatTrollzer this has been an issue with indium for awhile

Block translucency is broken

Quad translucency is not sorted correctly, resulting in incorrect rendering of translucent blocks and player name tags. This is a known issue with a fix in the works, but it has not been merged yet.

Block hover outlines do not render correctly sometimes

Installing Sodium manually

You are welcome to try out Sodium and Indium at your own risk. We may add a quick button to do this in the menu in the future.

Download the latest versions of Sodium and Indium and add them to the mods directory in your SwitchCraft instance:

Both mods are required! Indium is a compatibility layer that allows Sodium to work with other mods by adding support for the Fabric Rendering API.

Reporting issues

If you experience any issues with either of these mods installed, please make sure to send us a screenshot with the F3 menu open. This will help us understand your environment, as it is typically highly relevant to graphical issues.