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Here is a list of programs currently included in the ComputerCraft ROM on SwitchCraft:


  • bigfont - By Wojbie - write large text on screens and monitors. Works with the custom Krist symbol (\164).


  • cloud - Cloud Catcher - remotely view your computer from a web browser
  • mbs - Mildly Better Shell - an improved shell with persistent history, readline bindings, scrolling, and a better lua REPL

Custom shell commands

  • touch [path] - Creates a file, or updates its last modified date if it exists
  • github limits [key|guest] - Returns the GitHub API rate limits for SwitchCraft's key, guest, or a custom key
  • streetsign - Convert this computer into a street sign
  • monitor-ident [textScale] - Identifies all monitors on a network (example)



A few new turtle commands for the shell have been added:

  • dig - Digs a block (requires mining turtle)
  • drop [slot] - Drops an item from the specified slot (defaults to the current slot)
  • place [slot] - Places a block from the specified slot (defaults to the current slot)
  • select <slot> - Selects a slot